The Best Leadership Advice: Becoming The Leader Your Team Needs

Apr 26, 2024

Leaders often encounter a pivotal moment where good intentions collide with the need for understanding and empathy. This was the case in my own journey, leading a team of compliance professionals with the goal of transforming and optimizing the work that we were contributing to the organization. However, instead of leaning into what the team thought or listening to the blocks that they were feeling, I directed them to move forward with a bit of force from my end. Looking back on my actions, I now know that though my leadership decision came from good intentions, that experience has become more of a critical lesson that reshaped my approach to leadership–a lesson which many leaders also grapple with at some point in their career.  

She said, "Julie, not everyone works at your pace or with your vision. They are not you. You need to meet them where they are, understand their concerns, communicate the importance of doing things in a certain way and how that's both beneficial for you and them...that way, you can forge a path forward together."

Wow! That advice was a beautiful reminder of the type of leader I wanted to be – one grounded in empathy, understanding, and collaboration. Rather than imposing my own agenda onto the team, I learned the importance of listening, empathizing, and co-creating solutions that resonate with everyone involved. It was truly a humbling experience and realization, but one that fundamentally transformed my approach to leadership and still does to this day.

I share this story not only as a reflection on my own journey but also as an inspiring guide for fellow leaders who are navigating similar challenges. In a world where leadership is often equated with decisiveness and direction, it's important to remember the power of meeting people where they are. Fostering a culture of empathy, trust, respect, and collaboration in our workplace will help unlock our team's full potentials.

As you embark on your own leadership journey, I encourage you to reflect on this simple yet profound advice. Take the time to understand the needs, perspectives, and ideas of those around you. Choose to not only become a more effective leader but also someone who fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity, empowerment, and growth within your team.


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